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What is Asheville’s Oldest Brewery?

Brewery Tour Questions – What Is Asheville’s Oldest Brewery? What is the Oldest Brewery in Asheville? Today, Asheville is known to many as Beer City USA, and our mountain town of 93,000 people is home to more than 30 breweries. The surrounding area boasts more than 70, and those numbers keep growing. But, what brewery

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A new brewery coming to an old Asheville hangout?

A new downtown brewery on the way? Last week I received an email from a recruiting company with some new job listings that I “match” for. I don’t know how I even end up on these lists, but I get one or two of these a week. Most of the jobs are for sales positions

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What is cask conditioning?

Why do the British like their beer warm and flat? You might have heard the rumor that beer drinkers from the United Kingdom prefer their beer “warm and flat”. Compared to America, where advertisements of ice cold bubbly beer have convinced us that anything else is wrong, this notion can be quite disturbing. The truth

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Hops Outside Green Man Brewery

It’s Hops Season in Asheville!

It’s Hops Season! It’s that time of the year when hop bines produce the delicious hop cones that will be used to bitter and flavor beers in Asheville and elsewhere for the next year.   https://youtu.be/UCOf3gmtZ0w What Are Hops? Hops are the flowers of the plant, humulus lupulus. The hop plant is itself what is

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Five Great Ways to Tour Asheville’s Breweries

Explore Beer City USA Asheville is known as Beer City USA for a reason. With over 30 breweries in its city limits, Asheville has more breweries per capita than any other city in the nation. While most of these breweries are located downtown, which makes our walking brewery tours possible, there is much more to explore in

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