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Does Beer Glassware Shape Matter?

different beer glasses in a row

Absolutely! When it comes to brewing, beer is truly an art form and the experience starts before you even imbibe. The shape of a beer glass plays an integral role in determining how the beer tastes and looks when enjoyed. Beer enthusiasts will tell you that the shape of the glass can affect a drinker’s perception of flavor, aroma, and even mouthfeel. From nonic pint glasses to tulip-shaped Belgian glasses and pilsner flutes, each type of glassware works best for its intended style – all making the experience much more enjoyable.

Different Glasses For Different Beer Styles

nonic pint glass
Porter in a Nonic
duvel tulip shaped glass
Duvel in branded Tulip
pilsner flute glass with beer in it.
Pilsner in a traditional flute

Different styles of beer usually work best with a certain type of glass. For example, porters typically taste better in nonic pint glasses because it tapers slightly at the top and helps retain the beer’s head. Stouts also work well in this type of glass as it provides structure for creating lacing, which allows for appreciation of color and aroma. On the other hand, wheat beers are often served in weizen glasses which highlight their cloudy look while releasing strong aromas.

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Many Belgian beers are served in a unique glass known as the “tulip”. This glass features a bulbous bottom and flares towards the rim while narrowing near mid-glass in order to trap aromatics and maintain carbonation better than other glass styles. Pilsners are traditionally served in flute-shaped glasses since they bring out hop bitterness and show off the beautiful gold color that characterizes these lighter lagers.

Why Not Just Drink From The Bottle?


Drinking beer from a glass is better than a can or bottle because it allows you to enjoy the full flavor of your favorite beer. A glass provides a large surface area for carbonation bubbles which stimulates your sense of smell and taste receptors on your tongue more effectively than other containers.

Additionally, when drinking beer out of a glass, the aromas are enhanced due to its open structure which allows all the smells to escape freely. 70-90% of our perception of flavor comes from our sense of smell, so pouring a beer into a glass will always enhance your beer drinking experience.

What Else To Consider about Beer Glassware


In addition to style-specific glasses, there are other factors to consider when selecting a glass such as thickness and overall preference. Thicker walls tend to hold cold better, helping keep beers from warming up as quickly, while thinner walls help enhance flavor perception due to increased surface area for carbonation bubbles stimulating your sense of smell and taste receptors on your tongue more effectively than thicker walls do. No matter what type of glass is chosen for consumption though, overall preference should take precedence over any technicalities that may come with proper glassware selection – after all enjoying your beer is always priority number one!

Learn More on a Brewery Tour in Asheville

If you’d like to learn more about glassware and different flavors in beer, come join us on a brewery tour in Asheville! We’ll share some great beers and great stories about our favorite beverage!
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