Our Passion is Craft Beer

BREW-ed offers world class brewery tours of some of  Asheville’s best craft breweries, on-site staff training for servers and bartenders from some of the leading craft beer experts in the country and customized craft beer themed private events to create fun activities with friends and family here in Asheville, NC. Let us share our passion with you.

World Class Craft Brewery Tours

BREW-ed’s craft brewery tours are ranked among the best in the world by National Geographic Traveler magazine.  No other brewery tour in Asheville takes you further behind the scenes of Asheville’s craft beer industry.  BREW-ed is the only beer tour company in Asheville that requires every one of our brewery tour guides to be a Certified Cicerone, an internationally recognized expert when it comes to craft beer.  Our tours are more than just beer tasting tours where microbrewery tour guides shuffle you between breweries and pour beer into your glasses.  Our tours take you inside Asheville’s craft beer culture.  Learn how beer is made all the way from how the grain is grown to how the shape of the glass can affect your beer. Learn proper beer tasting techniques to make sure you enjoy every drop of delicious Asheville beer to its fullest.  Get the inside scoop from an industry expert on the local craft breweries here in Asheville and hear each brewery’s story from someone who has watched them grow.    

What Can I Expect on a BREW-ed Brewery Tour of Asheville?

Every BREW-ed tour starts with a detailed look at the brewing process.  Craft beer tours often leave out the science behind the pints.  On your brewery tour, you’ll sample the raw ingredients that produce the unique flavors and aromas in beer.  You’ll see how some of the best breweries in Asheville transform those raw elements into the beers we sample along the way, all while your beer tour guide shares the history of each brewery and why each brewery in Asheville stands out from the crowd. 


More Than Asheville’s Best Breweries

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While Asheville's amazing breweries have certainly made our city a hub for beer in the southeast, craft beer is a nationwide phenomenon.  On our brewery tours we take a look at the craft beer industry as a whole, and how it has grown from the microbreweries of the 1970s to the superstars and up-and-comers you find on beer store shelves here in Asheville and elsewhere.

One of the Most Fun Things to Do In Asheville

While beer is certainly our passion, we want to make sure our craft brewery tours are a memorable part of your visit to Asheville.  Asheville is an amazing city, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of it.  In between stops, your brewery tour guide will share stories from Asheville’s past.  Asheville has a fascinating history of rags to riches to rags to riches again.  Hear about the man who took down a mountain and the scandalous past of Lexington Avenue.  Our brewery tour guides are also great resources for recommendations on places to eat, where to stay and for other top activities in Asheville to enjoy while you’re here.

Craft Beer Education



BREW-ed offers craft beer education and consulting services to Asheville breweries, bars and restaurants.  Asheville has become a craft beer destination, so it is essential that bartenders and servers have the training they need to properly serve our delicious local beer.  BREW-ed’s founder, Cliff Mori, helped develop the Brewing Sciences programs at both AB-Tech and South College here in Asheville and also works as an educator for the Cicerone Certification Program, an international organization dedicated to better beer service.  Let BREW-ed give your staff the knowledge they need to best represent Asheville beer.

Craft Beer Themed Private Events


BREW-ed also offers personalized craft beer tasting events.  Perfect for a corporate team building exercise or a fun addition to a wedding weekend, BREW-ed can customize a private downtown brewery tour for your group, guide your friends and family through a private tasting of great Asheville beer at the venue of your choice or help you create your own beer themed special event.

Contact Us


BREW-ed is passionate about the Asheville beer scene.  Through our craft brewery tours to our on-site training for beer servers and bartenders, our goal is to share our knowledge of craft beer. Let us know how we can share our love of beer and Asheville with you.  Tell us how we can help.    


Recognized as one of the top 15 food tours in the world by National Geographic Traveler Magazine


BREW-ed's brewery tours are more than just drinking! You and your friends will get a complete behind the scenes look at the brewing process. Learn how Asheville's brewers transform four raw ingredients into the huge variety of beer styles we enjoy today. Learn how to critically taste a beer, how to describe beer flavors, and learn which ingredients create them. You'll get special access to Asheville's breweries and learn the stories behind the pints. And while Asheville is known for craft beer, the city also has a rich history.  In between stops your brewery tour guide will share stories from Asheville’s past and how this little mountain town became the destination it is today.


Every BREW-ed of Asheville brewery tour is led by a Certified Cicerone® , an internationally recognized expert when it comes to beer.  This means our tours go further than other Asheville beer tours.  Our guides take beer seriously and have spent years working in the local craft beer industry to gain the experience necessary to run the most unique brewery tours Asheville has to offer.   


Downtown Asheville is home to twelve breweries.  Why not walk?  Most beer tours keep you cooped up in a van between stops.  Our downtown Asheville brewery tours let you experience the city.  Asheville was a cosmopolitan playground for the wealthy during the roaring twenties, earning it the nickname of, "The Paris of the South," and we have lots to share.  Hear about the missing mountain, the skyscraper that never was, and how the railroad changed everything.       .      


At each stop our brewery tour guides will pour several beers to showcase what makes each brewery unique.  Variety is the spice of life, so we encourage tour participants to try everything!  Our greatest compliment is when we hear you're enjoying a beer you never would have ordered on your own.

THURSDAY'S downtown asheville brewery tour 5:30PM ~ $37

2 breweries, 2 HOURS

Thursday's downtown Asheville brewery tour starts at Hi-Wire Brewing, located at 197 Hilliard Avenue, for a behind the scenes look at how beer is made.  From there, the tour will wind through the streets of beautiful downtown Asheville to Catawba Brewing.  Find Out More

Friday's downtown Asheville Brewery tour 2pM~ $50

3 breweries, 3 hours

Friday's downtown brewery tours meet at Asheville Brewing Company located at 77 Coxe Ave in downtown Asheville for an in-depth look at the brewing process.  From there, the group will head to Twin Leaf Brewery, a local favorite, and finally to Catawba Brewing, a pioneer in WNC's craft beer scene.  More Details.

Saturday's DOWNTOWN Asheville brewery tour 11:30AM ~$37

2 breweries, 2 hours

Saturday's early downtown brewery tours are a perfect way to start the day in Asheville.  These two hour brew tours take a behind the scenes look at Hi-Wire Brewing and finish at Twin Leaf Brewery, a local favorite situated in the middle of the popular South Slope neighborhood.  More Details. 


3 BREWErIEs, 3 hours

Saturday's afternoon brewery tours begin at Hi-Wire Brewing, a Gold medal award winning brewery, head to Catawba Brewing,  and finish at Green Man Brewery, one of our brewery tours' Asheville pioneers.  More Details.


2 BREWERIES, 2 hours

Sunday's downtown brewery tours are the perfect way to finish your weekend in Asheville.  Tours begin at Hi-Wire Brewing for a behind the scenes look at how beer is made and finish at Catawba Brewing.  More Details.

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the fine print

All brewery tour participants who wish to consume alcohol must be over 21 years of age with valid ID. (In North Carolina that means an NC driver's license or NC ID card, any other US state's driver's license, a military ID or a Passport. Out of state ID cards and foreign identification (excluding passports) ARE NOT VALID AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.) If you have someone in your group who would like to come along but isn't going to drink, we offer a cheaper non-drinking admission at checkout.  For other special accommodations, please let us know in advance.

All brewery tours must be booked in advance through this website or by calling (828)278-9255.

Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to tour departure to receive a refund.

Downtown Asheville Brewery Tours will be held rain or shine so please check the forecast and prepare accordingly.

In the event of a natural disaster or some other unforeseen circumstance BREW-ed reserves the right to cancel a brewery tour. Those with reservations will be rescheduled or refunded.

All beer samples are included in your tour price as well as any gratuities to the staff members at each brewery. 





Getting started with your own beer education is exciting, but knowing where to begin can be difficult.  I've created the following list of resources to help.  Best part is that you can buy them directly from my site through Amazon.com.


Tasting Beer, by Randy Mosher, is regarded as the "unofficial textbook" for the Certified Cicerone exam.  This text covers everything from the ingredients in beer to the brewing process to glassware and beer styles.  A must have for anyone interested in learning more about beer.

Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster Garrett Oliver does an amazing job of illustrating the world of beer and food pairing in a way that is never boring and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of this often frightening topic.

The Oxford Companion to Beer is an encyclopedia for beer.  Every topic from how barley is grown to individual names and histories of glassware is covered.  Not one you'll read from cover to cover, but it's an amazing resource to have at your side.

books about the science of beer

To truly understand how beer is made, you have to know what's going on inside all of those brewery tanks.  The Chemistry of Beer provides detailed explanations about every step in the process from how minerals in water can make or break a beer to how carbonation works to change the flavor of beer.

The late Dr. George Fix wrote one of the most comprehensive books on the Science of Beer.  If you want to know WHY something is happening in your brewery, this book will explain it. 

Yeast is what makes wort turn into beer.  These single cell organisms are an incredibly important part of brewing and this text will help you understand what they're really all about.

Water is the main ingredient in beer.  85-95% of every beer is made of water.  Often overlooked, the composition of the water you use in the brewery can have dramatic effects on the flavors in your finished beer.  If you want to understand the importance of minerals in your water, John Palmer's text is a must read.

This page is new and will be updated almost daily.  Please check back often for more recommendations