Asheville’s Best Brewery Tours

Asheville, NC is known as Beer City USA for a reason!  As a whole, we are a passionate community when it comes to craft beer. In the downtown area alone, there are 13 breweries within walking distance with at least two more under construction. Inside the city limits we are currently sitting at 38 with several more under construction or in planning. How can a visitor make the most of their beer drinking in Asheville?  By joining a brewery tour, you can drink great Asheville beer while knowledgeable guides show you around. Here are a few options:

Asheville Brewery Tour Companies

BREW-ed Brewery Tours of Asheville-

We are, of course, a little biased, but we believe BREW-ed offers the truly curious a unique way to experience Asheville's beer scene.  Our tours are the most in depth of the tour options, leading guests on a real behind the scenes look at brewing and craft beer. In between stops we also throw in some Asheville history.

Asheville Brewery Tours-

Asheville Brewery Tours is definitely the busiest of the tour companies. They run seven days a week and hit some of the outlying Asheville breweries that BREW-ed's walking tours can't. They have a lot of tour guides, so reading reviews on TripAdvisor beforehand would be a good way to see which guide does the best job.

Asheville Brews Cruise-

Asheville Brews Cruise is the oldest brewery tour company in Asheville. They have been taking guests between breweries in their yellow school buses since 2006. The company recently changed ownership and the new owners are passionate about craft beer here in Asheville. They offer pub crawl style driving tours of Asheville's outlying breweries.

Have Fun on Your Brewery Tour of Asheville

No matter which tour you choose, you're sure to see some great Asheville breweries and drink some delicious beer. It really depends on the type of experience you're looking for. So, check out the companies above and book your brewery tour today!