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Brewery Tour Season is in Full Swing!

Brewery tour season is in full swing here in Asheville! Come explore our breweries with us!

South Asheville's newest taproom and bottle shop is days away from opening!

Zillicoah Beer Company will open this Fall in Woodfin, NC. Focusing on fermentation, they will offer a mix of lagers and sour beers.

What makes beer skunky? We'll show you how skunky beer happens and what you can do to prevent it.

Does letting cold beer warm up and then cooling it again skunk it? Can I keep beer warm and have it stay fresh? Find out here.

What did AB-InBev hope to accomplish by attacking the new logo from the Brewers Association?

Long time local favorite pub to begin brewing its own beer in West Asheville

Of all the beer styles that have emerged over the past two hundred years, none stand out in importance like Pilsner. Pilsner changed the way most of the world drank beer for over 150 years, and its descendants are still among the most popular beers in the world.

Does Beer Go Bad? Why buying fresh beer is important and how you can slow down the effects of aging.

Is there a brewery saturation point in Asheville?  Yes and no...

What is Sour Beer?  How are sour beers made and why are they so popular?

Why did Wicked Weed sell out to AB-InBev?  Here are four possible reasons why one of the hottest breweries in the country chose to give up its independence.

Biltmore Village is about to get another option when it comes to places to grab a pint. 

BREW-ed requires every tour guide to be a Certified Cicerone, meaning that every tour is led by an internationally recognized expert when it comes to beer.

Today we will talk about what IBU stands for and how it might be useful next time you are perusing the selection at your favorite beer bar.

We all know that beers come in different strengths. The most common way is to control the amount of barley versus the amount of beer being brewed.

Bold Rock Hard Cider has announced plans to begin producing its award-winning craft cider at a new facility in Mills River, N.C., near Asheville.

Wicked Weed Brewing breaks ground today on outfitting its new brewing facility in the Enka Commerce Park on the western edge of Asheville.


Enjoy these beer resources to help you on your journey.

Cicerone Certification Program

Cicerone Certification Program

Cicerone Certification Program

The Cicerone Certification Program has quickly become the industry standard for demonstrating beer knowledge.  The program's website has a host of information as well as many links you can use to continue your education.  After reviewing the syllabus and studying the recommended material, test your knowledge by taking the Certified Beer Server® exam! 


Micromatic Dispense Institute Online Edition

Micromatic Dispense Institute Online Edition

Micromatic is the industry leader in draft dispensing equipment and training.  They make available, for free, their draft dispense institute.  If you'd like to further your knowledge of draft equipment, this is the best place to start. 

Beer Sensory Science Blog is run by a sensory professional out of the Seattle area.  Though the postings aren't as frequent as they once were, the archives are a tremendous wealth of information.  I highly recommend anyone interested in the science of taste and flavor perception check this out. 

A Guide to the Craft Breweries & Pubs of Western North Carolina

A Guide to the Craft Breweries & Pubs of WNC

A Guide to the Craft Breweries & Pubs of WNC

A Guide to the Craft Breweries & Pubs of Western North Carolina serves as a one-stop information site of all things beer-related in WNC.  The site has detailed listings of everything from breweries to beer bars as well as places to stay, tour companies, educational materials and much more.  Their website is a great help to Asheville visitors interested in beer culture.  Also, look for their in print brewery guides at your favorite beer spots around town. is an all in one resource for those who are visiting the Asheville area.  The site includes things to do, where to stay and how to get around. 

Brewery Engineering Services

With the continued growth of craft beer, your brewery is constantly being pushed to increase its efficiency from brew house to package, improve product consistency and perhaps even expand its footprint. BREW-ed has local engineering resources available to assist in projects of all sizes and scope. Our service provider will work with you to find the best solution for your brewery.

Asheville By Foot Walking Tours

Want to learn more about Asheville's past?  Local historian Dr. Kevan Frazier leads walking tours of downtown Asheville most days of the week.  Check out for dates and times.