Brewery Tour FAQs

Are Your Brewery Tours Kid Friendly?

Yes! Though, I can’t promise they’re super interesting for kids; unless your kids are beer and Asheville history fans… My recommendation is that if you’d like to bring your child, they are more than welcome. However, if at any point during the tour your child is not enjoying themselves and affecting the enjoyment of others on the tour, we ask that you please take them away from the group until they are feeling better. And no, small children don’t need tickets, just shoot us a text or email to let us know to expect some kids that day. Adult children 18+ can buy a non-drinking ticket.

Do You Offer Dog Friendly Brewery Tours?

This is honestly a tough one. All of the breweries we visit on our tours have dog friendly areas, we just can’t guarantee based on space/weather/temperature that our group would be hanging out in the dog friendly area at every stop. I would rather you have that information up front than find out that we advertised a dog friendly tour but you can’t go in the production area with your dog, so you miss out on that… My advice is that if you can leave your dog at home, that would be easiest. If you need to bring your dog and are okay with potentially missing some of the tour, your dog is welcome to tag along. Again, just shoot us a text or email as a consideration to let us know.

Are All Of Your Brewery Tours Walking Tours?

Yes. When we started BREW-ed the plan was to maybe get a van at some point. Since then, it’s been eight years and there is so much happening downtown that we have decided not to waste time getting everyone in and out of buses and drive around looking for parking. Our tours are focused on beer and history and walking between stops allows us to share more of both with our guests.

Are Your Brewery Tours Wheelchair Friendly?

Yes. Though they are advertised as walking tours, walking is not an ability requirement to participate. All of the breweries we visit are wheelchair accessible and we travel between each stop on paved city streets. We consistently adjust the pace of our tours to the ability level of the members of the group, and we never leave anyone behind. Again, not having a van to load in and out of can be a good thing! 🙂

Are Your Brewery Tours Fun?

Wow! I’m slightly insulted you asked! 🙂 We gear our tours a little more toward the hows and whys of brewing and beer, but yes, we keep things light and have fun while drinking and learning a bit about Asheville and beer. If you still don’t believe us, check out some reviews.

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