Is Beer Good For You?

Pint of Beer on a Brewery Tour In Asheville

Is Beer Good For You?


On our brewery tours in Asheville, NC, we take our guests behind the scenes of our local beer industry. And, everyone knows that Asheville is called Beer City, USA for a reason. We love our beer! But, is all that beer drinking harmful to our health? Or is beer actually good for you? Let’s take a look!

Get Your Vitamins And Minerals! 


Beer has been an integral part of many cultures throughout history, and its consumption is still a popular pastime in countries around the world. But what about the health benefits – or drawbacks – of drinking beer?

Studies have shown that drinking beer in moderation can actually be beneficial for your health. Beer contains several important minerals such as magnesium, selenium, and potassium which provide many essential nutrients to our bodies. Beer also is a good source of B vitamins which help maintain energy levels, improve metabolic function, and support cognitive function. Beer also contains dietary fiber which can help with digestion and regularity.

Beer Was A Crucial Part Of Our Ancestors’ Diets!


Beer has been around since ancient times, and it served as an important source of sustenance and even clean drinking water. Before refrigeration and purification techniques were invented, beer was one of the few ways to ensure that the water you drank was safe from bacteria and other contaminants.

The Ancient Egyptians brewed beer by mixing barley with dates or honey before adding yeast to ferment it. This concoction would have provided much-needed nutrients like carbohydrates, B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. The alcohol in beer is also thought to have provided protection from harmful bacteria by killing off any dangerous microorganisms that may have been present.

Ancient Road Sodas?


Due to its nutritional benefits, many cultures in ancient times used beer as a substitute for food or water. For example, nomadic tribes would often bring homemade beer with them on their travels as a source of sustenance in case food became scarce along their journey. It was also commonly consumed by soldiers on marches as a way to stay hydrated without having to worry about impure sources of water leading to illness or disease.

In addition to providing clean drinking water, beer also played an important role in religious ceremonies throughout many ancient cultures. In both Greek and Roman civilizations, special beers were brewed for use in sacred rituals honoring the gods. As the popularity of Christianity spread across Europe during the Middle Ages, certain brews were even reserved specifically for use in churches during Masses!

If The Water Is Iffy, Stick To The Beer!


Even more recently, until relatively modern sanitation practices were enacted in countries around the world, there still were places where access to safe drinking water was limited; thus beer continued being used like it had been for ages before – both recreationally and medically – for people who needed hydration or sought nutrition that could not be found elsewhere.

Although we now have access to pure drinking water from taps delivered straight into our homes – something that most likely wasn’t available thousands of years ago – beer’s importance in providing safe hydration should not be forgotten! Beer has been part of human culture since antiquity and continues playing a vital role today thanks to its unique blend of nutrition and flavor!

Beer Drinkers Die Less Often Than Sober People?


It’s no secret that alcohol carries with it some potential risks for long term health concerns like liver problems and increased risk for certain types of cancer, but moderate beer consumption may be associated with lower risk than other types of alcohol. One study showed that people who drank 1-2 beers per day had significantly lower mortality rates than those who abstained from alcohol altogether. So, the data suggests that having a pint might keep you around longer than staying sober! Furthermore, the antioxidant content of some beers may offer protection to the heart by boosting HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels which helps reduce risk of stroke or heart attack.

Beer lovers will be happy to hear that there are more benefits to moderate beer drinking beyond just physical ones: It can help you relax after a long day at work, it can boost social bonding (if shared responsibly), and it can even improve mental well being! All these factors combined contribute to better overall quality of life and increased satisfaction.

Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind that beer should be consumed in moderation – excess consumption can lead to serious problems such as addiction and negative impacts on your overall health. A few beers each week (getting no more than two standard drinks per day for men and one for women. according to the Mayo Clinic) would give you the best balance between pleasure and healthy living – enjoying a pint now and again whilst ensuring safe limits aren’t exceeded in order to reap any potential health rewards without risking harm to yourself or others due to irresponsible behavior!

Grab A Pint And Toast Your Good Health!


Although heavy drinking, whether it’s beer or something else, increases your risk for certain health issues– moderate amounts of beer may hold some surprisingly beneficial properties when enjoyed responsibly! So grab a pint or two every once in awhile; whether you’re looking for relaxation or improved nutrition – everyone could stand to gain something from this age-old beverage!

Join Us On A Brewery Tour!


If you’d like to learn more about the ancient elixir we call beer, come join us on a brewery tour in Asheville! We’ll show you around some great local breweries, share some local history, show you how it’s made and maybe help you find your next favorite beer!