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Visiting Asheville Breweries With Us Forces You Out of Your Beer Drinking Comfort Zone!

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Are you in a craft beer drinking rut? Do you love the variety of styles available but find yourself drinking the same thing every time you go out? You need to get out of your comfort zone! A brewery tour is the perfect way to freshen up your preference ensemble! On a brewery tour, you will sample a wide variety of beers you might not choose on your own, and hopefully you’ll come a way with a few new favorites!

A brewery tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the city’s beverage culture. From classic lagers and ales, to specialty sours and hazy IPAs, there are countless types of beer available for tasting on a brewery tour in Asheville. On a tour, you’ll get to sample a variety of beers and learn about the brewing techniques used to make them. Whether you’re an experienced beer connoisseur or just getting started in craft beer exploration, a brewery tour of Asheville is sure to provide plenty of unique experiences. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of beer you’ll find on an Asheville brewery tour and how to make the most out of your visit. Let’s dive in!

Reasons to Explore Asheville’s Breweries


Asheville is known for its vibrant craft beer scene, so it’s no surprise that brewery tours are popular here. During a tour, you’ll get to sample a variety of different types of beer, learn about the brewing techniques used to make them and explore seasonal and specialty brews. If you’re an experienced beer connoisseur, you’ll find plenty to love on a brewery tour. If you’re newer to the craft beer world, don’t worry – there are plenty of options available for beginner and intermediate-level beer drinkers alike. Whether you prefer lagers, ales, stouts and porters, sours or hazy IPAs, you’re sure to find something to enjoy on a brewery tour in Asheville.

Get exposed to new beer styles!


If you’re looking to explore the incredible craft beer scene of Asheville, then a brewery tour is the perfect way to do so. With countless types of beers available for tasting on a brewery tour, from light lagers and pale ales to specialty sours and hazy IPAs, there truly is something for everyone. No matter if you have been enjoying beer for years or are just starting to explore the world of craft beer, a brewery tour of Asheville is sure to provide plenty of unique experiences and introduce you to a variety of styles. We all get stuck in our comfort zones, and we tend to go for things we know we like when we go out to our favorite local brewery. At BREW-ed, we like to challenge our guests to try new things, and we always make sure to include a wide variety of beer styles on our tours. Here are some examples of what you might expect to sample on a BREW-ed brewery tour.



Pilsner is a classic style of beer that has been around for centuries. Originating in the city of Plzen, Czech Republic, pilsners have become an iconic style of beer all over the world. The style typically features light and refreshing flavor profiles with subtle hints of biscuit or even herbal aromas, and a slightly bitter finish. On brewery tours in Asheville, you can find a variety of pilsners, from light American styles to more traditional European offerings. If you’d like to learn more about Pilsners, check out our blog post here!

English Ales


Many English ales have been around for centuries and continue to be popular in pubs all over the UK. From crisp bitters to rich stouts, there is something for just about every craft beer enthusiast. In Asheville, Green Man Brewery is especially well known for their English ales, and they provide our tours the perfect opportunity to explore these beer styles from across the pond.

Stouts and Porters


Stouts and porters have a long history, originally stemming from London in the late 1700s. These dark beers are often characterized by their notes of coffee, caramel and chocolate that come from the use of roasted malts. On our Asheville brewery tours, you can find a variety of stouts and porters from classic examples to experimental versions with extra ingredients. Curious what the difference is between a Porter and a Stout? Find out here!

Hazy IPAs


Hazy IPAs are a relatively new style of beer that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This style is differentiated from traditional American IPAs by the addition of oats or wheat as part of the grain bill, which produce a hazy appearance and creamy texture. As the name suggests, these beers can be quite hoppy but with less bitterness than their more traditional counterparts. Hazy IPAs are all over the place these days, and we will make sure to share some of the best, made right here in Asheville.



Sour beer is a unique style of beer that has been around for centuries and recently gained popularity among craft brewers. These beers are characterized by their tart or sour flavor, which can come from various brewing techniques including barrel aging, the use of lactobacillus and/or pediococcus bacteria, and many times include the addition of fruit. Sour beer is definitely an acquired taste, but one that can be truly appreciated when done right. Our brewery tours will provide you the opportunity to try a variety of sours from the Asheville area and decide for yourself if it is your thing.

Learning about brewing techniques and processes


At BREW-ed, we believe that it’s important for our guests to understand more than just the taste and flavor of beer; we want them to gain an appreciation for the brewing process as well. That’s why our brewery tours include plenty of education about how beer is made in Asheville. We visit multiple breweries and explain the brewing techniques and processes used to make each beer. Guests learn about the different styles of beer, as well as the science behind fermentation and maturation. We also discuss topics such as barrel aging and specialty ingredients that can be used to create unique flavor profiles. In addition, our guides provide insight into how the various breweries in Asheville have become part of the local community and culture. By the end of our tour, guests leave with a much greater understanding of how beer is made and why Asheville is such a great place for craft brewing.

We hope you join us to learn more about beer and explore the fantastic breweries in Asheville!

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