Asheville Brewery Tours in the Winter?

As the last of the leaves desperately hang to limbs, Asheville’s busy season comes to an end. The weather is turning cooler, the beers are getting darker and higher in alcohol, and people begin asking, “Do you guys run brewery tours year round?” For many who visit Asheville in the summertime, there is an expectation that being a mountain town we get buried in snow throughout the winter, making our downtown brewery walking tours impossible to operate.

Year Round Brewery Tours

Happily, it’s just the opposite. Our brewery tours operate year round and winter is when we feel like we get to spend the most time with our guests. While we might one or two decent snows each winter, our city first became a destination in the late 1800s due to its temperate climate year round. Also, Asheville is a well known summer destination, so in the warmer months things are busy. We love our big groups of excited beer drinkers in July and August, but winter brings a more mellow vibe to town. Brewery tours in the winter tend to be smaller groups, making for more time for conversation, something we really enjoy sharing with our guests.

Since the breweries are less busy, there is generally more of a chance of finding comfortable seats at every stop and taking a moment to relax while sipping on a delicious beer and hearing about the craft beer industry in Asheville. Come join us!

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