Brewery Tour Season is in Full Swing!

Asheville is not nearly as seasonal as it once was. I’ve been living here for nearly 13 years, and when I first moved to town the streets were empty from late December through March. This year, we had a couple of quieter weeks in February, and that was about it. As Spring and Summer approach, millions of visitors head to the mountains to explore the outdoors. After a day of hiking, it’s time to hit the breweries downtown for some liquid refreshment!

Brewery Tours

Our tours are a perfect way to explore Asheville’s craft beer industry. Everyone of our tours is led by Certified or Advanced Cicerone, meaning that they are internationally recognized experts when it comes to beer. Our guides can show you behind the scenes of our local breweries as you taste your way through some of the best beer our city has to offer. And because Asheville is such a neat town, we like to take time to share some local history with our guests in between stops.

Brewery Tour Tickets

As we enter into the busier months, our tours start to fill up. I get a lot of phone calls from people asking how soon in advance they need to buy tickets. I always recommend that if they know the dates they’re coming, it’s best to look at our tour schedule and lock in tickets for their preferred date. We offer refunds with 72 hours notice, so there’s really no downside in reserving your spot!

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