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Asheville Brew Tours With A Twist

BREW-ed Brewery Tours has been offering Asheville brew tours with a focus on education since 2013. We don’t just get you drunk (though we do pour plenty of beer!). We take you into the production areas of our local breweries, we show you the tools brewers use to create great craft beer, and we tell the stories of each beer we try so you know how it came to be. Our brew tours take things to the next level for those who really want to learn the hows and whys of beer. Come join us!

Expert Brew Tour Guides

cicerone asheville brew tour

BREW-ed Brewery Tours are the only Asheville brew tours that guarantee an expert will lead every tour. Every one of our tour guides has been certified by the Cicerone Certification Program, the international organization dedicated to beer education and better beer service. Think sommeliers, but for beer! 

Our tour guides have spent their careers working in the craft beer industry. They’re not just brew tour guides. They are passionate members of Asheville’s craft beer community.

Go Behind the Scenes

Breweries are more than just their tasting rooms. They are working factories, who just happen to make a very delicious product!

Our Asheville brew tours will take you behind the scenes of these beer factories and show you each step of production from grain to glass. You’ll see the tools brewers use, learn the science behind the pints, and gain a new found appreciation for one of the world’s oldest beverages.

Join us on an Asheville Brew Tour

Come join us on one of our Asheville brewery tours, and get some education along the way! Our tours run throughout the week all year long. We’d love to show you behind the scenes of one of Asheville’s favorite local industries.

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