Asheville Brewery Tours in the Winter

Asheville Brewery Tour in the Winter

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Are you visiting Asheville in the winter and interested in taking a brewery tour? Our walking brewery tours are offered all year long!  Asheville tends to be a little quieter in the winter time, so it's a great time to come visit and check out our local craft brewery scene!

SMall Group brewery tours

Since January, February and March are slower months here in Asheville, our brewery tour groups are often smaller. This means each tour is a more personalized experience. Take more time to ask questions, go further behind the scenes than you can with a larger group and see Asheville as the locals see it, away from the crowds of summer. As a side benefit, hotel prices tend to be a little cheaper, too... Leaves more money for beer!

EXpert brewery tour guides

Remember, BREW-ed Brewery Tours of Asheville offers the only expert led brewery tour in town. Every one of our tours is led by a Certified Cicerone, a recognized expert when it comes to beer. Our tours take a different approach to the brewery tour model. We'll show you how beer is made, how to taste it and why Asheville is the world renowned beer destination it has become. Join us by signing up for a brewery tour now!