5 Things You’ll Learn on a Brewery Tour in Asheville

The best brewery tours in Asheville are more than just drinking beer! They’re about information and should leave guests with a better understanding of the “whys and hows” of brewing.  Here’s a few things you can expect to learn on a brewery tour.

Why Do Different Beers Have Different Amounts of Alcohol? 

Most of the time alcohol is determined by the amount of malted barley used in a recipe. Malted barley provides fermentable sugars that yeast consume during fermentation. When yeast consume these sugars, they produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.  The more sugar they have to eat, the more alcohol in the finished beer. Brewery tours will show you the brewing process from start to finish.

How Do Beers Get Their Flavors?

Brewery tours in Asheville explain to guests how every ingredient in a beer recipe can affect the final flavor. Malted barley and other grains can provide flavors of crackers, toasted bread, caramel and even chocolate and coffee. Hops can provide flavors of citrus, pine, flowers, tropical fruit and more. Even the yeast the brewer chooses can contribute. Some yeast are very neutral while others lend flavors of bananas, cloves, apples, or even hay and horse blankets. Perhaps most surprising to our brewery tour guests in Asheville is the fact that even the minerals in water can affect beer flavor!

Is Glassware Important?

Why Are There So Many Breweries to Tour in Asheville, North Carolina

Why Are There So Many Breweries to Tour in Asheville, North Carolina

Brewery tour guests often wonder why different beers are served in different glasses. Surprisingly, glassware shape can affect how you perceive the flavors and aromas in a beer! In the old days, tradition and local culture helped determine what beer glasses looked like. In modern times, brewers will choose the proper shape and size of a glass to showcase certain aromas and flavors, show off the brilliant clarity of certain styles or to help regulate portion size of some higher alcohol beers.

What Are Beer Styles?

What makes an IPA an IPA and a Porter a Porter? Beer styles originally developed around the world due to local ingredients, available technologies and local culture. Because of what was available, beers looked, smelled and tasted different from one another. Today, brewers use beer styles to help describe their products to consumers. If you know that an IPA should have a strong hop aroma and an assertive bitterness, while a Porter will have notes of coffee and chocolate you can easily scan a menu and make the choice that’s right for you. On brewery tours, Asheville beer visitors will be exposed to a wide variety of beer styles and hopefully find some new favorites.

Why Are There So Many Breweries to Tour in Asheville, North Carolina?

This is a common question on brewery tours in Asheville. Downtown Asheville alone is home to a dozen breweries, and there are over two dozen within the city limits. Why so many? For Asheville it is a combination of logistical and cultural factors. Everything from North Carolina’s favorable brewing laws to our relatively mineral free water, there are practical reasons why brewers flock to Asheville. Combine that with the city’s artistic and entrepreneurial culture, and it’s no surprise that Asheville has become a hub for craft beer. 

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