Why every restaurant needs beer education

As craft beer becomes a more mainstream product, restaurant and bar owners need to prepare their staffs for a new customer demographic, the educated beer drinker.  When wine exploded in the 1990s, there was a demand for educated wine professionals in the service industry.  Restaurants began to build thoughtful wine lists of popular items that paired will with the food on offer.  As craft beer continues to surge throughout the United States, restauranteurs are again faced with building their businesses based on their customers’ interests or being left behind as others grow.

What is Malted Barley?

The basic idea of malting is to take raw barley, allow it to germinate to a certain point, and then stop it before it turns into a new barley plant. Brewers want the starches and sugars of the barley grain, as well as enzymes that will help break them down once the malted barley enters the brewery. 

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